Here you will find a handful of menu options that Spoon&Fork offers.  Keep in mind that these are just some of the many different options we offer and you are not limited to these dishes.  Each menu will be specifically prepared to your liking and dietary needs.

pork | beef | lamb
beef tenderloin pot pie
browned beef tenderloin covered w. gravy + seasonal vegetables, wrapped in a flaky pie.

seared pork fillet
seared fillet w. prosciutto, sage, + mustard on top of broiled apples + red cabbage coleslaw.

herbed beef tenderloin
marinated tenderloin rubbed with fresh herbs + roasted.  served with a tomato madeira confit.

lamb chops + pomegranate relish
roasted lamb chops w. red wine marinade.  served with pomegranate, onion,  mint + lemon relish.

oven-seared chicken
chicken w. garlic + herbed black beans + orange sauce

pan-seared duck
duck breast with a creamy white risotto + cherry, port sauce

ancho-roasted salmon
seared + roasted salmon fillet w. herbed black beans + kiwi sauce

pan-seared halibut
seared halibut w. mediterranean lentils + olives

stuffed tomatoes
heirloom tomatoes packed w. mushrooms, spinach, parmesan, ricotta, + dressed with a fresh herb vinaigrette.

fresh corn + bean succotash
lima + fava beans w. fresh corn + tomatoes mixed with onions + fresh herbs.  topped with olive oil.

marinated roasted pepper salad
roasted + marinated red, yellow, + green peppers with tomatoes + cilantro dressed in a balsamic vinaigrette.

asparagus salad
steamed asparagus w. celery leaves, shallots, + a tarragon dressing.

chickpea + mint soup
served hot or cold w. haloumi, hummus + croutons.

mushroom soup
shitake + crimini mushrooms w. leeks, shallots, + fresh herbs.

small plates | hors d’œuvres
marinated olives
assorted olives marinated in olive oil w. fresh herbs + citrus.

wild mushroom crostini
crisped toast topped w. wild mushrooms + fresh herbs.

goat cheese + pear crostata
pears, apples, + goat cheese on a flaky crostata topped w. chile lime syrup.

chocolate tart
this simple tart is rich + creamy + goes deliciously w. vanilla bean ice cream + raspberry coulis.