What should I expect from the in home personal chef service?

After an initial consultation and menu discussion with you, Chef Chris will come to your home on your scheduled date and prepare your custom menu using fresh ingredients and our equipment.  All you need to provide is space in your fridge and a clean kitchen.  After preparing your meals, they will be sealed with convenient reheating instructions and placed in your freezer or refrigerator.  You will come home to a clean kitchen and will have ready-to-eat custom meals waiting for you.  All of the meals you order, whether it’s one or five, will be prepared on this scheduled date.

How would this service benefit me?

In one word, convenience.  Think of all the time that is spent planning what you’re going to eat, driving to and from the store, standing in line, preparing and cleaning.  Imagine not having to plan a last minute dinner with what’s left in the fridge, but instead coming home to a gourmet meal that was designed just for you.  The shopping is done, the cooking is done, the cleaning is done.  All that’s left is for you to sit down and enjoy your meal.

How often are the cooking dates needed?

As often as you’d like, typically once a week or every other week.  Or you may feel that some extra time once a month or just a few times a year would suffice.

Whatever your preference, Spoon&Fork can work with your needs.

Do you cook in my kitchen?

Yes, your meals will be prepared in your kitchen.  Not only is this most convenient, but you know where the food is coming from and where the food is being prepared.  It is then quickly brought down in temperature and ready to be consumed in the peak of it’s flavor.  Chef Chris brings all the equipment needed to prepare your meals; pots, pans, knives, whatever is needed to get the job done.